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What are Zeolites? Natural Zeolites Benefits For Health

What are zeolites? 

Zeolite refers to any number of porous and absorbent minerals which contain traces of silicon and aluminium. Natural zeolites are microporous crystalline solids, usually containing aluminium, silicon and oxygen in their framework and cations. They also contain water and other molecules within their pores.

Naturally occurring zeolites are volcanic in nature, forming within volcanic rock, sedimentary rock and volcanic ash layers, forming to complete fruition in a range that covers anywhere from 60 to 50,000 years. Sometimes volcanic zeolites can contain other types of minerals, metals, other zeolites and quartz.

Pineal Gland:

Water-soluble zeolites create an impressive detoxifying effect in the human body. Breaking down hardened calcium phosphate crystals and acting as a chelator, binding to toxic heavy metals in our tissue, zeolites can release troublesome calcium stored in our tissue, along with flushing toxins and heavy metals from the body. When we are in a toxic state we lose control of our internal functioning, so it is important to detoxify if we are not only aiming to decalcify our pineal gland, but to also activate our Third Eye and awaken to our true power. Removal of endocrine disruptors helps to reduce stress on the pineal gland.

About Natural Zeolites:

Zeolite science and technology has a strong background and is extensively used for environmental purposes. The prolific knowledge of zeolite uses is in part due to the work of Chemist Professor Richard Maling Barrer (1910-1996) known as the “father of zeolite science”, whose career spanned 50 years and, whom discovered a host of zeolites most important properties — laying the solid foundations for the future scientific study of zeolites.

Use of zeolites in UK: industries has contributed to the vigour and excellent reputation of UK industrialisation and productivity in areas such as nuclear processing, detergents, petrochemicals, and fine chemical synthesis.

Almost all use of Zeolites focus on and contribute to our environment in a positive manner, helping to soften water with their ion exchange qualities, contribute to cleaner and safer environment by reducing toxic waste and acting as Catalysts which by definition, ensure greater efficiency of chemical processes, resulting in an energy saving effect, which indirectly reduces environmental pollution. Zeolites used to catalyst purposes, also help to reduce the number of steps involved in some chemical processes, which again minimises unnecessary toxic/chemical waste and pollutants. Zeolites also replace the harmful phosphate builders once present in detergents but now banned in many countries worldwide, due to the associated water pollution risks that phosphate builders can cause.

Zeolites are solid acids which help to reduce the need for use of corrosive liquid acids. Zeolites are also efficient as redox catalysts and sorbents, meaning they can effectively remove engine exhaust gases, and other atmospheric pollutants that are harmful CFCs and damage our Earth’s ozone layer.

Along with water softening abilities, Zeolite is also used in industrial water filtration mechanisms, to remove heavy metal ions from water, separate harmful organics, and is so effective as a cleanser that it can also remove pollutants in water caused by nuclear fission.

Other uses of zeolite include use in refrigeration, porous/breathable or absorbent materials used in architecture/construction and in alternative medicines.

Zeolites Benefits For Health:

Volcanic in nature, zeolites are Earth’s little helpers, reducing damage to the ozone layer and advancing industrialization. Let us look at some of the ways in which zeolites have been helping human health too.

Chelator of Heavy Metals:
The Journal of Nutrition and Dietary Supplements, published a clinical study which tested the chelation potential of the naturally forming zeolite — liquid clinoptilolite, Researchers were able to ascertain that clinoptilolite represented a potentially safe and effective way to reduce toxicity and remove heavy metals from the body, enabling an increase in urinary excretion without detrimentally reducing the number of essential electrolytes. More research is needed to verify the safety of zeolite used in chelating heavy metals as some studies have shown that as well as chelating heavy metals, some valuable minerals can also be leached from the body and potentially also decrease the effectiveness of certain medications, such as aspirin.

Antioxidant Super Hero:
Free radicals attack our cell membranes, leading to cellular damage and oxidative stress. As oxidative stress progresses, it can lead to DNA damage. Antioxidants work to destroy free radicals and reduce the damage to our bodily systems caused by oxidative stress. However, as we age, our antigens increase. An antigen is a toxin and/or other types of hormonal disruptors. These toxins, or antigens, can build up over many years, as we live our lives hedonistically while not making any real efforts to regularly detox or bodies — or eat healthily. Our liver and kidneys inevitably become laden down with toxic overload, and become sluggish, further hampering our body’s natural ability to detox. The antioxidants we produce naturally or introduce into our body via fruits and vegetables, are not enough, in the end, to mop up the advanced build-up of antigens and the prolific network of free radicals. As a result, our cells mutate causing damage to our DNA and, when this happens, Cancer gets its chance to form and proliferate, causing malignant tumours. Zeolite and it’s bioavailable compound Sulfur, is an essential part of our antioxidant network, breaking the antigen chain reaction of damage, enhancing our immune response and, relieving our systems of antigen overload by fighting free radicals and flushing out toxins.

Cardiovascular Assistance:
Free radical proliferation places immense stress on our blood vessel tissue, as well as travelling through the blood and wreaking havoc on not only our blood vessels, but on our cerebrovascular system, which involves our brain and skeletal health. Our cardiovascular system as a whole can fall under attack from free radicals, which ultimately, sets the stage for heart disease. Zeolites have a cage-like structure which can trap free radicals and prevent them from antagonising our immune, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular systems. This helps to prevent tissue, vessel, brain and heart damage. Further research needs to be carried out, but current results on the effectiveness of zeolites are promising.

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