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Zeolites Tincture

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Zeolites Tincture (Halimag™ Booster)


2-3 drops under the tongue


  • 10 ml of Fluid
  • Honey flavored
  • 1000mg of organic micronized Zeolites
  • All natural herbal extract and whole herbs
  • Highest quality Organic ingredients
  • Manufactured to GMP standards
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Non GMO
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

This Tincture is made from Zeolites. Which is a special clay based natural compound that draws out harmful metals from the bloodstream. It is essential that these toxins are removed in order to be able to start the Pineal Decalcification process. Ideal for use with Halimag™ and is the official Halimag™ booster product.

This powerful detoxifying Tincture is absorbed Sublingually (under the tongue) and rapidly enters the bloodstream via the saliva glands. It gets to work by binding to the harmful metals and drawing them out of your system so they pass in your urine. This unique process assists the effects of the Halimag™ capsules in the body ensuring maximum removal of toxic metals and halides in the shortest time frame. You are then ready for Pineacleanse™™ and Circasync™.

“The tincture tastes great and is easy to use. It lasted the whole month and complemented the capsules perfectly”

“We read about zeolites and their ability to remove metals from the body so we ordered this from the third eye activator website. Our delivery came promptly and the tincture was exactly how it was described. We have now ordered a Pineaclense kit and began a full detox program”

“After researching online I found that this is the only Zeolite tincture available anywhere!!! A very innovative product”

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