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Pinealcleanse™ Kit

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Pineacleanse™ & K2/D3 Activator X Booster

Cleanses, Decalcifies and Nourishes your Pineal Gland


  • 120 capsules
  • 10ml Sublingual Spray

INGREDIENTS: A secret blend of herbs and natural compounds including:- Chaga, Circumin, Black pepper, Gotu Kola, Neem, Boron, Selenium, Tamarind,Vitamin K1, D3 and many more.


  • 4 capsules to be taken once per day
  • 1-2 Sprays under the tongue

USEAGE: Designed for use after Halimag™. For best results use alongside side Circasync™ as a Morning / Night time system.


  • 120 x 550mg capsules (vegan friendly)
  • 10ml Vitamin K2+D3 (Activator X) sublingual spray
  • All natural herbal extract and whole herbs
  • Highest quality organic ingredients
  • Manufactured to GMP standards
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Organic 100%
  • Non GMO
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This product is part of the Third eye activator system. Extensive research and testing has enabled us to ensure it efficacy. Pineacleanse™ is a powerful Pineal Cleansing and Decalcifying Kit designed for removal toxins, cleansing, decalcifying and nourishing the Pineal Gland, softening its tissue and restoring it back to what it once was. This product plays host to an extremely wide range of health benefits due to its active ingredients. An exacting ratio blend of whole herbs and herbal extracts. Ideal for use with Circasync™

There is no overlap in ingredients between the capsules and the booster spray in this kit. The Spray has a primary function of driving calcium deposits from the arteries (where they cause harm) into the bones (where they belong). Dr Western price discovered that Halides such as Fluoride cause clogging in the arterial walls by attracting cholesterol and calcium thus causing cardiovascular disease and heart problems.

Western Price discovered Vitamin K2 +D3 inside the liver oil of a Ratfish. This compound was named “Activator X”. We have recreated this with the individual Vitamin components to produce the world's first Sublingual Spray version which is rapidly absorbed under the tongue. By removing calcium from the blood we prevent further calcification of the Pineal gland and paves the way for other active ingredients and powerful detoxing compounds in Pineacleanse™ to work at dissolving the existing calcification. The capsules also contain the amazing mineral- Boron, which also drives calcium into the bones and frees up important hormone receptors in our body.

“I used this kit with the Circasync product and the results were amazing! I had a much clearer mind and my dreams were lucid most nights. My body felt as though it had been subject to a real flush out. I continue to use both products - highly recommended!”

“After using Halimag from Limitless Herbal and feeling the results I went straight onto the Pineacleanse kit. This was a good move because I felt another level of detox, my mind became very clear and focused and I started to feel much more motivated and positive about day to day life”

“Meditation is an important part of life for me. The Pineal gland is the key to achieving a peaceful and calm mind. I feel that by using Pinecleanse that i have now restored my Pineal. Now my meditation is much more profound and my mind is calm. I recommend this detox to anyone that is on the journey of achieving inner peace or transcendental meditation”

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