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100% Organic

Manufactured to GMP standards from organic ingredients which are absolutely chemical free.

All Natural

Third Eye Activator is 100% natural with ingredients derived from plant based sources.

Guaranteed Results

Proved effective in decalcifying the pineal gland allowing a greater function.

Third Eye Activator Kit

Third Eye Activation System

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The Third Eye Activator™ system comprises 3 core products:


Stage 1 (30 days) – Halimag™

Heavy Detox designed for rapid removal of all toxins, heavy metals and halides from the bloodstream and organs. Prepares your body for Pineacleanse.

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Stage 2 (30 days) – Pineacleanse™ & Circasync™

Cleanses and decalcifies the Pineal gland and softens its tissue to restore it back to what it should actually be. Helps strengthen the blood brain barrier. Hosts a multitude of other health benefits.  Prepares for Circasync™ increased blood flow effect.

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Circasync™ (to be taken before sleep)

Gently restores your circadian rhythm (wake sleep cycle). Activates the Pineal gland gradually by increasing blood flow and blood oxygen levels and promoting deep sleep. Also has a huge range of other valuable health benefits.

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The Effects

The Pineal gland is known as the “Third Eye” because it is proven to be the link to our subconscious mind and to deeper inner realms. It is also proven that we only use around 20% of our brain. The brain is very powerful and the Pineal is located in the centre of it , it secretes hormones and sends signals that are very important for all areas of the brain to work in harmony.

As your pineal gland decalcifies your “third eye” will begin to expand in awareness and open. You will start to notice profound improvements in mental, emotional and physical well-being. These enhancements will lead you to empowerment, enabling higher-mind functioning, improving the relationship you have with yourself and others and advancing all key areas of your life, from personal well-being to career success.

Your Third Eye, when activated, will enable you to easily carve out the most direct route to success, on all levels of being, internally and externally. Third Eye Activator helps you to tune into your ability to manifest in great abundance, putting you back on the path to positive self-actualisation and fulfilling your potential, as naturally and easily as breathing.

Great health? Your Third Eye intuition knows exactly how to restore your health. Improve your financial, business and career success? Your 3rd eye intuition knows the way and the process to get you want to be. Want better relationships? Your 3rd eye awareness knows the best method to attract the right people to you easily. Fulfilled and know the purpose of your life? Your 3rd eye awareness understands exactly why you chose this particular life at this precise time.

Just imagine what your life could be like and how much better it would be if you could access your infinite inner wisdom with ease and on demand? Luckily, Third Eye Activator is the solution that will assist you in creating the type of life you want and deserve.

If you want to know how to open your Third Eye quickly and safely then this is the answer.

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“My sleep whilst using this was so deep. I ended up needing far less sleep and actually lucid dreaming. The biggest thing I have noticed is my mind is now very calm and my intuition and connection with my surroundings is in a whole new level”


“My third eye is now open and i have so many more options in my life. I am able to sense things around me and feel truly connected with the universe. I continue to use Circasync™ as a stand alone product because I now lead a simple vegan lifestyle with no toxin intake. However I did use the Halimag and Pineacleanse products at the start of my journey”


“we actually use the Circasync product 1-2 hours before meditation and have found it to be extremely helpful in calming our minds and activating our subconscious connection”


All Natural Ingredients

A proprietary and unique blend of over 30 herbs, plants and fungi from all over the world combine into the most efficacious and potent pineal gland activation solution. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



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Chaga Pineal


View Ingredients

Gotu kola

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  •   Mugwort
  •   Neem powder
  •   Raw cocoa
  •   Selenium
  •   MSN
  •   Melatonin
  •   Black Pepper
  •   Boron
  •   Chaga
  •   Spirulina
  •   Gotu kola
  •   Ginkgo Biloba
  •   Ginseng
  •   Curcumin
  •   Haritaki
  •   Ginger
  •   Aswaganda
  •   Zeolites
  •   k2 Natto MK7
  •   Vitamin k2 MK4
  •   Hops

A 6 Part system

A 6 Part system of proprietary blends of carefully selected and tested plant based compounds and ancient herbs designed specifically as a Pineal cleanse, decalcify and activation to ensure full pineal function and awaken the third eye.

The benefits of decalcifying your pineal gland

Weight Loss

Sluggish thyroid function leads to a sluggish metabolism — which is directly linked to obesity and weight gain. Many women in particular have struggled for years to lose weight, having tried “every diet out there”, and nothing seems to work. If this scenario sound familiar to you, read on to find out which ingredients in our Pineal gland formulas can support you with your weight loss goals.

Higher Consciousness

When our pineal gland starts to decalcify, it will be able to function as it was intended, as an antenna, sending and receiving information from realms beyond space and time. This shift in pineal activation enables us to vibrate at a “higher frequency”. The higher our level of consciousness we are able to attain, the more able we are to channel Universal Source Energy.

DMT Release

Our pineal gland is capable of producing DMT (dimethyltryptamine). DMT which is commonly referred to as the “Spirit Molecule” is a powerful hallucinogenic. When our brains naturally produce DMT, A cascade of other unique chemicals are produced that when combined with our brain derived DMT, produce the most profound spiritual experiences known to man.

Reduction in Age Related Diseases

With aging, comes an increased risk of developing heart disease, cancer and other types of metabolic disease. A weakened immune system is also a key player in mortality risk. A healthy pineal gland helps stave off age related disease, mainly due to Melatonin which is documented as an anti-aging hormone and is imperative to our immune function.

Decrease in Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health complaints and is on the rise. Research has pointed towards low Melatonin increasing our chance of developing depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. A decalcified Pineal gland helps regulate the amount of Melatonin in our brains, leading to better sleep and less chance of developing anxiety and other types of mood related disorders.

Stress Management

One of the benefits to decalcifying the pineal gland is improved Melatonin function. Melatonin is known as an anti-stress hormone. Improved Melatonin secretion provides an extra barrier of protection between us and the harmful effects of stress. Studies link stress to changes in the way blood clots, which in turn greatly increases the risk of heart attack.

Balanced Life

As the pineal gland decalcifies, we become more conscious, more mindful and more aware. You will start to feel an intense desire to match your external world with your internal harmony. Automatically you’ll start attracting scenarios in to your life that promote balance, along with instinctively removing yourself from toxic people and situations.

Deeper Sleep

A detoxed pineal gland means better Melatonin secretion. Melatonin is the Queen of our body-clock, regulating our internal sleep-wake rhythms. If your pineal gland is calcified, there is no doubt that the quality of your sleep is affected. This not only knocks your internal body clock out of nature’s design, but affects your overall health and well-being.

Clearer Thinking

The health of our brain is fundamental to our overall clarity of mind, mental health, and cognitive function. As we focus on detoxing our Pineal Gland, we will inevitably nourish our brain and body as a whole. Clarity of body equals clarity of mind. Look at Shaolin Monks as the world greatest example of the connection between bodily health and mental clarity!

Faster Healing

The Pineal Gland is part of the endocrine system, along with the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, and includes the pancreas and the reproductive organs. If your Pineal gland is calcified, then an important part of your endocrine system is jammed which directly influence how our immune system functions. Lowered immunity leads to greater risk of infection and slower healing times.

Uplifted Mood

S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a mood disorder that can descend upon us as the evenings grow shorter and the inevitable darkness of Winter reduces how much light we are exposed to. Melatonin (secreted by the pineal gland) is responsible for balancing our Circadian and Seasonal Rhythms. Low Melatonin resulting in S.A.D indicates a dysfunctional Pineal Gland. Detox your pineal gland and say goodbye to the Winter Blues!

Enhanced Insight

It is no accident that the Pineal Gland is called the ‘Third Eye’. An activated Pineal gland increases our consciousness and with this comes a powerful cascade of psychological and intuitive insight. We become more intune with the world around us, including people. People who have successfully decalcified their pineal gland have reported experiencing heightened intuition and spiritual and practical insight.