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Pineal Calcification, Melatonin Production, Aging, Associated Health Consequences and Rejuvenation of the Pineal Gland

Dun Xian Tan *, Bing Xu, Xinjia Zhou and Russel J. Reiter * Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy, UT Health San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78229, USA; doctxu@126.com (B.X.); ZhouX4@uthscsa.edu (X.Z.)

* Correspondence: tan@uthscsa.edu (D.X.T.); reiter@uthscsa.edu (R.J.R.); Tel.: +210-567-2550 (D.X.T.); +210-567-3859 (R.J.R.) Received: 13 January 2018; Accepted: 26 January 2018; Published: 31 January 2018


The human pineal gland and melatonin in aging and Alzheimer’s disease

Ying‐Hui Wu, Dick F. Swaab
First published: 21 December 2004

Cited by: 138
Address reprints requests to Dick F. Swaab, Netherlands Institute for Brain Research, Meibergdreef 33, 1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
E‐mail: d.swaab@nih.knaw.nl

Melatoninergic System in Parkinson’s Disease: From Neuroprotection to the Management of Motor and Nonmotor Symptoms

Josiel Mileno Mack,1. Marissa Giovanna Schamne,1. Tuane Bazanella Sampaio,1. Renata Aparecida Nedel Pértile,2. Pedro Augusto Carlos Magno Fernandes,3. Regina P. Markus,3. and Rui Daniel Prediger,1.
1 Department of Pharmacology, Centre of Biological Sciences, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC),Campus Universitario, Florian ´ opolis, SC, Brazil. 2 Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 3 Department of Physiology, Institute of Bioscience, University of Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil ˜

Correspondence should be addressed to Rui Daniel Prediger; rui.prediger@ufsc.br
Academic Editor: Serafina Perrone
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