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Each of our ingredients have individually recognized health benefits, but when combined in the right proportions the beneficial effects are even more powerful. THIRD EYE ACTIVATOR herbal and organic compound will give you a broad range of health benefits in addition to decalcifying your pineal gland and opening your Third Eye. See the benefits.

Activator X

We are all familiar with the term the “X-factor”. Activator X, was the preverbal X-factor of nutrients, a super nutrient that enabled other vitamins, acting as the magic compound that empowered a person’s internal system to demonstrate supreme health.

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Apple Cider Vinegar also has an excellent reputation as an ingredient, or indeed the sole ingredient, in homemade beauty regimes. ACV, mixed with filtered water, is a popular skin toner. ACV contains astringent properties that help to tighten pores, keeping skin taut and clean.

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Imagine a plant that possessed magical powers, of which any human whom ate it’s little Orange berries, would be able to adopt the same special qualities that Mother Nature had gifted this prodigious plant. Well, this story is real – and so is magic – because that is exactly what happens when we ingest Ashwagandha.

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Black Pepper

Close your eyes and in your minds eye, travel back to an era when black peppercorns were adulated by societies worldwide. As valuable as Pearls, peppercorns were used as Currency and offered up to Gods of ancient times. The Master Spice Black Pepper, was also a fundamental part of Hypocrates’ healing armory.

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Promising studies reveal Boron supplementation to increase hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and memory re-call. This “Brain nutrient” also helps to facilitate the absorption of Calcium, directing it into the bones where it belongs, which means Boron spells good news for Pineal Gland detoxification.

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Chaga mushroom is Nature’s most abundant source of Melanin, powerfully stimulating the Pineal Gland and endocrine system as a whole, through the alchemic affair between Melanin and Melatonin. This “Diamond of the Forrest” fungus, is an integral part of any journey towards Third Eye Opening.

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We should think of Curcumin as the ultimate Brain Armor, capable of withstanding brute force attacks from Neurotoxins such as Fluoride, and protecting us from the harbinger of disease known as inflammation. Along with Curcumin’s legendary status as brain protector, it is also a cognitive performance enhancer.

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Considered a luxury approximately 5000 years ago, the underground rhizome known simply as Ginger, has a long history of medicinal use. Boasting an array of compounds that lead to cognitive function upgrades, why not skip the Espresso and opt for shot of ginger instead!

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Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a pre-historic tree that still grows today, and is technically a living-fossil. The leaf extract of this 270 million year old tree is known as a “cognitive activator”. Ginko biloba also supports “cognitive flow” by increasing Alpha brain wave activity, or what in layman’s terms we call our “Zen Zone”.

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Classified as a ‘superior herb’ and one of the most highly prized herbs in the world, some wealthy individuals pay prices similar to that of Gold for wild grown Ginseng. Calming the mind when the heart opens and our true purpose is ascertained, Ginseng proves to be an honourable spiritual guide.

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Gotu Kola

A long standing reputation as a true “brain herb”, Gotu Kola is an indispensable tool for peak performance and Third eye awakening. Used for centuries as a aide to meditation, Gotu Kola has salubrious effects on our states of mind, neurologically and on cognitive performance.

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Fluoride is the leading cause of pineal calcification, however mercury also plays a role, as do other toxins such as tobacco, pesticides and artificial sweeteners. Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, dried Haritaki fruit helps to clear Mercury residues from the body, supporting pineal and full body detoxification.

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You know that feeling of relaxation you get after drinking a beer? That’ll be the Hops. Historically Hops were used a way to get a good nights sleep. Hops also fight free radicals, protecting the brain from oxidative stress, meaning less stress on our pineal gland and a better chance at halting the development of brain disorders.

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k2 MK-4

MK-4 is form of Vitamin K2, which occurs naturally in foods such as grass-fed butter, eggs yolks, gouda cheese and liver. Vitamin K2 is a vital ingredient to help detox the pineal gland, as it deconstructs pineal calcium deposits and ushers the calcium back to the bones. MK-4 is also known as Activator X.

k2 MK-7

MK-7 is a form of vitamin K2, which occurs naturally through the fermentation process of Bacillus subtilis natto. Vitamin K2 is an essential part of kit for pineal detox as K2 pull calcium from the blood and puts it back in the bones where it belongs. MK-7 is also known as Activator X.


700 million years in the making, the hormone Melatonin is responsible for regulating our sleep/wake cycle. Our Pineal gland, or “seat of the soul”, is responsible for secreting Melatonin, which makes this hormone the CEO of peak spiritual experiences.


MSM is calcium phosphate dissolver. It is calcium phosphate crystals that cover the pineal gland, causing calcification, and preventing it from functioning correctly. MSM has an exceptional ability to break down calcium that has escaped from the bones and taken refuge in our bodies.

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Taking its latin name Artemisia from the Goddess Artemis, both traditional and modern usage of Mugwort range from assisting higher states of consciousness and invoking lucid dreaming, to supporting womens health and pain relief.

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Neem Extract

Extract of Neem helps to purify and remove toxins from our endocrine system, which aides de-calcification of the pineal gland. For thousands of years, Neem has been used in India, and now globally, as a detoxifier and for de-calcification purposes, assisting the journey to spiritual awakening and 3rd eye activation.

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Raw Cacao

To warm yourself on a cold winter’s night with a cup of hot cocoa, oh the delight!
Cocoa is made by roasting Raw Cacao beans. However, let’s leave cocoa where it belongs, in our childhood past, and awaken instead to the extravagant powers of the little brown bean that is Raw Cacao.

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A “tonic herb”, the Reishi Mushroom makes full use of it’s compounds to assist human health and to amplify our vital energy or life-force. We could say that Reishi is the Chi-kung master of the fungi kingdom, harvesting Chi for explosive spiritual efficiency.

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Most of us know that Selenium can stave off cognitive decline. However Selenium also blocks the effects of fluoride and helps to eliminate it from the body, making it a staple go-to mineral, in the fluoride detoxification process. Time to eat some brazil nuts!

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Once thought to be inedible Tar, this ancient resin and indigenous snack, is a power-house of restorative compounds. Ingestion of Shilajit is linked to restoration of health, enhanced physical strength, optimisation of cognitive ability and is a distinguished champion of longevity.

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae, and is most notably one of the earliest lifeforms on planet Earth. Spirulina has a wondrous nutritional profile and can greatly assist in the decalcification of our pineal gland, by chelating heavy metals from the body, such as arsenic, mercury and lead.

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Sweet, sour and natures answer to fluoride toxicity. A powerful immune booster, studies also show that tamarind has fluoride-detoxifying properties. Ingesting tamarind can help to extract fluoride from our bones and pineal gland, eliminating the collected fluoride through bodily fluids.

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Water-soluble zeolites create an impressive detoxifying effect in the human body. Breaking down hardened calcium phosphate crystals and acting as a chelator, binding to toxic heavy metals in our tissue, zeolites can release troublesome calcium stored in our tissue, along with flushing.

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