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Here are some great questions that we have answered. If you have question that has not been asked then get in touch with us and we will answer them and add to the list.

What is the pineal gland?

The pineal gland is an endocrine gland situated deep in the centre of the brain. This small gland is responsible for some very big tasks including releasing melatonin and maintaining our circadian rhythm, which is our internal clock and is also known as our sleep/wake cycle. The pineal gland also helps to regulate reproductive hormones. However there is another facet to this not yet fully understood gland. For thousands of years both eastern and western exploration and understanding of the human brain, have resulted in some astonishing insights, both intellectually and literally. French philosopher Rene Descartes describes the pineal gland as the “principal seat of the Soul”. In Buddhism and in meditation teachings across all cultures, the term ‘Third Eye’ is used (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra).

Does everyone have a third eye?

Every human brain contains within it a pineal gland. Activation of the pineal gland does not depend on non-secular or secular beliefs. Unfortunately most of us have an impaired pineal gland, it’s power remaining a total mystery to us or perhaps just a vague childhood memory – before calcification took this magnificent gift away from us. We were born awakened, activated, only to fall in to a deep slumber unaware of our Royal status. Everything we could ever want is already ours yet we have forgotten where the key to the treasure chest is – the key is your Third Eye. When you use your Third Eye key to unlock the treasure chest of life and higher conscious awareness, you will be astonished at life itself and the preciousness of the human experience. Your life will take on new meaning and will operate in a way that perfectly serves your purpose. Those doors will open.

Where is the pineal gland located?

The pineal gland, known also as the ‘3rd Eye,’ is a small endocrine gland and is part of the brain’s third cerebral ventricle. This small gland lies in-between the two hemispheres (or halves) and is approximately between 5 and 9mm long and weight approximately 0.1 grams. The pineal gland is often seen to be larger before the onset of puberty.

Why is the gland called “Pineal”?

The shape of the pineal gland is similar to a tiny pinecone. Hence it’s name, Pineal, which in Latin the word ‘pinea’ means Pinecone. Elements that compose the pineal gland are mainly cells known as ‘pinealocytes.’ Primarily pinealocytes are responsible for the secretion of Melatonin. Other components that comprise the pineal gland are neurons (nerve cells) and Neuroglia cells (often simply called glia) which are supporting cells that take on auxiliary roles.

What does the pineal gland do?

Considering the pineal gland secretes melatonin, and melatonin is vital to regulating sleep-wake cycle along with determining hormonal levels, stress response and how you perform on a physical level, you can imagine the impact that your pineal gland has on how you think and how you feel, every day of your life. Your 24hr sleep/wake cycle is know as your Circadian Rhythm. Your pineal gland also regulated your seasonal circadian rhythms. A number of experts present the idea that calcification of our pineal gland is one of the main factors associated with the development of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, along with anxiety and depression, the onset of eating disorders, and other psychological and nervous system disorders.

What are the symptoms of an impaired pineal gland?

Pineal gland impairment can lead throw the balance of our hormone profile. This lack of hormonal equilibrium can affect many different systems within our body, including our sleep/wake cycle which can become disrupted and affect the overall quality of our life. Dysfunction of our sleep/wake cycle can show up in our lives as terrible jet lag when traveling and unfortunately insomnia, leading to a lack of deep sleep at the ideal times of our sleep cycle. Hormonal imbalances linked to impaired melatonin secretion can also the affect female hormones associated with fertility.

What causes pineal calcification?

Almost everyone has a certain amount of calcification present within their pineal gland. However prolific calcification is associated with those individuals whom display a very poor intake of nutrients due to a diet high in processed foods. The main issue is that we have been exposed consistently to fluoride (toothpaste, tap water in certain countries and certain alcoholic beverages to name a few sources) and an overload of the mineral Phosphorus (due to an excess of meat, fish and dairy in the diet). These over-exposures can disrupt the body’s delicate balance of minerals, and this can undermine our health. Excess Phosphorous, causes rapid calcification of the Pineal gland. Unfortunately, almost half of all American citizens will exhibit some pineal calcification by eighteen years old, and seeing as most people tend to stick with the same food choices and eating patterns for a lifetime, the pineal gland continues to calcify leading to a continual lessening of pineal function over the years until it is largely impaired and inhibited in its ability to function on a beneficial level.

What are the benefits of activating your pineal gland?

The pineal gland, as well as being an endocrine gland responsible for the secretion of certain hormones, is also capable of producing DMT (known as the Spirit Molecule) and has throughout history been cited as an ‘antenna’ to higher levels of energy, consciousness/awareness and dimensions. From Shamans to average meditators all over the world, Third Eye Activation has occurred along with intuitive higher conscious awareness of where this ‘access to multi-layered awareness, astral, psychic, intuitive vision’ is occurring within the brain. The world wide consensus is that our pineal gland is our Third Eye and is the gateway not only to Spiritual experience but to downloading of specific and enlightening information or knowledge (known as the Akashic records) of medicinal herbs for example, mathematical insights, invention, creativity and Universal flow, to mention only a few benefits of Third Eye Activation and the wonders that await.

What are the benefits of de-calcifying / activating my pineal gland?

When the pineal gland de-calcifies, this is equivalent to activation. Our pineal glands is always active to a certain extent, considering we all feel sleepy at certain points during our daily 24 hour cycle (night time) and lively and awake at other times during this cycle (day time), however most us of suffer from some sort of pineal gland impairment. This is due to the build up of phosphate crystals in the pineal gland. This makes the pineal gland harden, leading to dysfunction, such as less melatonin production, a greatly nullified ability to produce DMT and an incapacity to send signals out to the world around us or indeed receive information from other planes beyond this space-time bound plane. De-calcification of the pineal gland can greatly improve the over-all quality of our lives each and every day, but can also lead to consciousness progression (from subsisting in base/lower/asleep consciousness) to Higher Consciousness (awakened, Higher-mind, self-actualization). De-calcifying/activating our Pineal gland will hopefully also help us live more centered lives, coming away from Doing Mode (Ego/illusion of control) to thriving in Being Mode (alignment with inner intuitive guidance). Being mode is trusting in Universal flow and Universal Intelligence. When we awaken our pineal gland, theory becomes experience. It is only when we awaken to who we really are, and activate the power that lays dormant within us, can we create limitless lives of beauty, opportunity and fulfillment. It is thought that all the great prophets, philosophers, inventors, Artists, scientists, high level intellectuals, and metaphysically attuned teachers/Shamans and medicine men and women throughout recorded history, all had/have activated pineal glands. If we are to create, we must first transcend.

How long does it take to decalcify my pineal gland?

Each person is different and de-calcification will depend firstly on how calcified your Pineal gland is to start with and associated lifestyle factors that positively influence the decalcification process. Some people have been raised in countries where Fluoride has been banned from the water system, whereas other populations continue to be exposed to fluoride via tap water. Lifestyle factors to pay particular attention to, are wether you eat excessive sugar, lead a sedentary lifestyle, are addicted to your smart phone and/or other electronic devices such as playing games excessively and never eat a diet poor in nutrients with an excess of animal products.

What is the difference between decalcification and activation?

When the pineal gland decalcifies it automatically can function properly hence it becomes activated. However to be more specific, decalcification is the process – the breakdown and metabolization of the phosphate crystals. Activation is the pineal gland being able to function without excessive suppression from calcification. However if you are to get your pineal gland functioning optimally (Third Eye Higher Conscious Awareness) then this is a deeper process of paying attention to your lifestyle habits, meditation efforts, mindful living, belief systems and compassion levels, both for yourself and humanity as a whole. 

How long will it take to activate my pineal gland?

Our pineal gland is already active to a certain extent. The question is how do we optimize it’s function. Decalcification leads to a better quality of activation and functioning, but not necessarily optimization. So again it comes back to lifestyle factors that support physiological health and mental health too, such as Mindfulness and Meditation and Self Care. See our range of Third Eye Activator products, which help to soothe you and support you on your journey towards greater awareness.

How will I know when my third eye is activated?

The Third Eye Chakra, or 7th Chakra represents your Crown Chakra, and is the portal to Ultimate Truth or Divine Wisdom. With an open Third Eye we see the true nature of our reality which is not ‘separateness’, like our false self or Ego would have us believe. Instead we experience Oneness with al Nature and other living beings. This can activate a great sense of compassion as your false self fails to trick your conscious mind with the idea of isolation / capsulation and instead enlightened you to the fact that you are ALL. The concept of Oneness is one of the pillars of Enlightenment. Pressure or pulsation between the brows is a common sign that your Third Eye is becoming Activated or Energised. Questioning your belief system, weeding out the behaviours and thinking patterns that do not serve you any longer and organising your mind and inner talk in to coherent and useful energy to be expressed as intelligent action and self regulation. As awareness of self-talk and subsequent behaviour becomes crystal clear to you, you may find yourself making healthier choices Lifestyle wise, especially when it comes to nutrition choices and treating your body more more kindly, in the awareness that it is truly a Vehicle for you to achieve heightened states of consciousness and fulfil your purpose. In regards to purpose, which is one of the most important instigators of longevity in humans, you will find a clear path ahead, as your intuitive higher mind shows you in clear terms your talents and how to apply them. Once your intention is set on fulfilling your purpose, your Third Eye Energy will send signals containing information related to your intention, out in to the external world, and here is where coincidence reveals itself to be synchronicity in abundance. Clairvoyance has been reported, as well as other extra sensory abilities. Another sign is the ability to Lucid dream. A lucid dream is a dream where you become aware you are dreaming and use your dream to ask important questions about your life, or the nature of things. See our article on How to Lucid Dream and writing your Dream Plan. These are just some of the signs that your Third Eye is Opening and people experience these in varying levels, for example some people report definite heightened abilities of extra sensory perception, whereas others report deeper spiritual insights and life purpose, yet others report reaching their ideal weight due to Intuitive / Conscious Eating.

Will it make me more attractive?

Metaphysically speaking, yes. Your higher state of mind will give you the confidence to both proactively reach out to and naturally attract the type of people who you want in your life, rather than toxic people or situations. People with a negative mental attitude will not be vibrationally attracted in to your life anymore, making way for your dream partner or friendship or employment opportunity, as someone spots your uniqueness and offers you exciting opportunities. Most people subsist in low vibratory frequencies, so if you switch your vibration to High, all of a sudden people start treating you differently, their dormant power recognizing that you have something they want…. When your Third Eye is activated, your body sends out frequencies that correspond with confidence, self-love and worthless. You know who you are, you own your opinions and behaviour, and things like this are irresistibly attractive to others. You could say that in a state of Higher Consciousness you have the X-Factor – that thing that the majority of people are drawn to, but cannot quantify. A higher vibratory output due to an open Crown Chakra / Optimized pineal gland, will attract the exact right circumstances and people for you, all of which on the whole will support the flourishing of your network, tribe and romantic endeavors.

Will my IQ increase?

There are two main types of IQ. First we have Intelligence Quotient, which measures logical thinking, language and mathematical ability. The second type, is EQ – Emotional Intelligence. EQ is thought to be more valuable that IQ, as it is through relationships and building connections with other people that we are more likely to succeed in business. With Third Eye Activation and subsequent increases in Conscious Awareness, your intuitive abilities will sky rocket along with your understanding of Oneness, which will enable you to communicate with and understand other people on a higher level than previously.

When does calcification start?

In humans as young as Two years, Pineal gland calcification has been noted, however noticeable calcification has been typically observed in young adults. As we age, our pineal gland tends to accumulate more and more phosphorus and calcium deposits. By the time we hit middle to old age, our pineal gland can contain an amount of fluoride comparable with the amount of fluoride contained within our teeth.

How does your money back guarantee work?

We are confident you won’t need this but If you don’t see the effects then we will refund the cost of the product. Please visit this link for our comprehensive refund policy

What other things can I do to help decalcify/activate my pineal gland?

Apart from the various lifestyle factors that promote great health, it is important to keep an open mind and be consistent with your meditation efforts. A lot of people get agitated and give up when they do not see immediate results. Patience will be your best friend during this process. Think about it: If you are in your twenties or thirties, then it has been between two and three decades of calcification. Therefore do not expect changes to occur after a few days of meditation! Third Eye Activator suggests long term improvements in how you approach your nutritional intake, reducing EMF (smart phones etc), and employing Self Care routines. Lifestyle factors play an important role, and so does Mindset.

Do you recommend music?

Yes we do. Third Eye Meditations are part of the third Eye Awakening protocol, as it is during meditation that we are able to focus on bathing our Third Eye in energy. It must be noted however that our Third eye Chakra is also connected to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras. This is relevant in the sense that, if there are chakra blockages, meaning the flow of energy is restricted from working it’s way through the chakra centres, then the performance of our Third eye is hampered / restricted. Blockages can be physiological in nature, such as injury or disease. Energetic blocks can also be psychological in nature, such as fear, anxiety, buried emotions, and stress. It is therefore wise, to start with a Chakra meditation, to identify any blockages or feelings of restriction as you move through each energy centre. 

My delivery has not arrived what do I do?

We recommend using our tracked delivery service, this way you can track you order and locate it. In the rare event of a lost delivery we will re-ship your products at our cost to ensure you can start using them without further delay.

Should I seek medical advice before taking the Third Eye Activator?

Some of the ingredient herbs are not recommended to be takes if you are pregnant. If you are taking any prescribed medicine, drugs, have allergies or have had any medical complaint then you should consult your Doctor or health professional before using our product. No information should be take or used from this website as an alternative to medical advice.

What are the benefits of Third Eye Activator products?

All the products are formulated with the highest grade natural herbal powders in the exact ratio needed for optimum results. These has been rigorously tested globally and proven and documented. All products are easy to consume, highly effective, convenient, and give you the peace of mind that you are getting the correct quantities of each carefully researched herbal compound in one measure.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes we accept all major credit cards, using Paypal as our processor which guarantees your purchase and your online security.

What are the ingredients?

Which ever product you choose, all of the ingredients are natural herbal compounds, many with multiple health benefits. We carefully source only the very best quality of each individual compound and carry out regular quality tests to ensure consistency.

When do I take the dosage each day?

Each and every product comes with an instruction label detailing the optimum time and dosage required to give the best results. However, we recommend the core decalcification product to be take on an empty stomach in the morning and the core Activation product before sleep.

I don’t have a Paypal account, can I still buy it?

Our secure shop platform allows you to pay by all major credit or debit cards. We use Paypal as our processor but you don’t need a Paypal account.

Are there any side effect after taking it?

Side effects are a very individual thing. We have ensured that all our products are from only natural sources to minimise any adverse reactions and all our ingredients are within the recommended daily allowances. However some mild side effects could be experienced in the first week of use such as upset stomach and very vivid dreaming. If these continue or worsen we recommend you stop use or lower the dose.

Can I talk to you in person?

If you are not satisfied with our live chat you are welcome to call us on the main customer care telephone number on the homepage.

What testing have you done?

Our products have been in development for over 10 years. We work with institutes and physicians all over the world and have carried out Brain MRI scans and other neurological and scientific tests throughout each stage of development.

Do you offer after purchase support groups or forums?

As soon as you purchase any Third Eye Activator product you will have the opportunity to join our exclusive group on Facebook. This has many like minded members all seeking mindfulness and awakening. Here you can share tips and feedback on all aspects of your journey. Our experts also post on here and provide useful links and articles.

Where do all the ingredients come from?

The ingredients are sourced from all over the world from the rain forests in South America to the Himalayas. We are constantly searching for new sources to maintain quality and expand the product range.

Where is it made?

Our manufacturing facility is located in the UK and conforms to the highest industry standards.

What happens when the pineal gland is activated?

Activation of your pineal gland can often be a gradual process. Our customers initially report seeing the colour Indigo and feeling a greater sense of oneness and connection with their surroundings. As the journey towards further activation continues many more natural changes in the you think and feel will take place. For instance, your decisions will start to become based on your conscious feeling and the energy within rather than what you see and hear. You will be able to meditate much deeper and recall dreams and tap into a higher state of consciousness.

What results from your testing have you seen?

Our tests have resulted in both partial and complete decalcification of the pineal gland in MRI scans in people of all ages and races. Also massively enhanced consciousness, mindfulness and the ability to practice self healing in many cases.

What flavours do you have?

The core product flavourings are natural orange and chocolate. This is to make the powdered products more palatable. Additional flavours will be added in due course.

Are there any potential side effects of pineal gland activation?

Due to the rapid removal of toxins from the body and blood stream mild headaches can sometimes occur. This is a common side effect of detoxing in general.Other side effects are as a result of your body resetting itself whilst getting used to using the products. These include mild upset stomach and altered sleep pattern.

How do I contact you?

We are easily contactable on any matter primarily by the live chat on the bottom right of our website. if for any reason we are unable to respond immediately then if you leave your email and you question we will reply within a maximum of 24 hours. We also contactable through email, facebook messenger and telephone.

How do I know that Third Eye Activator products actually works?

All Third eye activator products are advanced Herbal stacks of the highest possible quality. As well as offering a multitude of amazing health benefits they have an exacting formula that targets the pineal gland. The compounds inside have proven studies showing their benefits in this regard. We have carried out comprehensive, documented live tests and have the backing of some leading physicians.

How long is it recommended to take Third Eye Activator products for?

We recommend that as a minimum initially you take our morning formula for the first month and then take the morning and night time formulas for a further second month and measure your results. The time for decalcification varies for each person as depends greatly on diet and lifestyle options.

How long will it take to receive my Third Eye Activator products?

We always endeavour to ship your order the same day or next working day depending upon the time the order is placed. You have various courier options at checkout stage which will determine your exact time to receiving your products.

How can I tell when my pineal gland is decalcified?

Often, activation is a sign that your pineal gland is decalcifying,. However, the only sure way is by MRI scan. The pineal gland shows up ‘white in colour on this scan if it is calcified. With careful examination the whiteness can be seen partially incomplete as the calcium deposits dissipate into the bloodstream.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We are always looking for good quality partners and distributors if you wish to apply or know more then please email distibution@thirdeyeactivator.com.

What dosage do I take each day?

All our products come with a comprehensive instruction label detailing dosage.

I have a nut allergy can I take your product safely?

If you have any allergies or any medical condition please consult a physician before use.

Are you a bone fide company / business?

Third Eye Activator is a primary product range and trading name of Limitless Herbal Ltd. We are a Private Ltd company based in the UK that specialise in bespoke, ancient herbal remedies and studies. We have a team with 100’s years cumulative experience in this field.

How can I tell when my pineal gland is calcified?

Often, activation is a sign that your pineal gland is decalcifying,. However, the only sure way is by MRI scan. The pineal gland shows up ‘white in colour on this scan if it is calcified. With careful examination the whiteness can be seen partially incomplete as the calcium deposits dissipate into the bloodstream.

How will meditation help in conjunction with the Third Eye Activator products?

Meditation is a great way to relax and channel chakra energy to your pineal gland and stimulate it. Third eye Activator products are also working in your bloodstream to decalcify and activate your pineal gland so if you commit to just 15 mins per day of meditation is a great way to feel and measure the results over a month. The insight and clarity you begin to notice will motivate and encourage you to stick to it.

What happens when you open your third eye?

Your third eye opening is your pineal gland gradually activating. There are many different signs of this starting to happen. These vary in the individual and include – Increased energy, better mood, heightened perception, a feeling of oneness with the world, knowing the unknown, an new inner knowledge. Deeper sleep and vivid and lucid dreaming.

How long does it take to decalcify pineal gland?

Decalcification can start immediately and can take as little as 1 week. There are many factors to consider when looking at a time frame for full decalcification. These include Lifestyle, diet and age, We recommend that you continue to use the formula to ensure further calcification does not occur as our decalcifying products are also a great preventative measure and have an array of other fantastic health benefits.

I have seen the film Limitless will I become similar to him?

The film features a character that takes a tablet that immediately massively improves his cognitive function and perception to such a point where he can achieve goals such as learning the stock market or a foreign language or to play a musical instrument in only a few days. Although this film could be loosely based around the pineal gland it does not portray the FULL benefits. Clarity, perception, creativity and cognitive thinking are only one part of the benefits. The deeper more spiritual insights in fact offer far more powerful benefits for you to tap into if you wish. Such as…. Spiritual healing, Astrological meanings, Oneness, Universal energy and may more.

Is your product addictive?

Third eye activator products are natural herbal products and non addictive. The formula is designed to give only positive benefits that help you gain control of your destiny and enable you to listen to your subconscious. Therefore, you will begin to make healthier choices for your body and mind.

Will the force be with me?

The whole ethos behind the Star wars movies is based on Buddhism. Buddhists were and are still practicing activation of the third eye chakra from childhood. The force is the energy in the universe and the measure of its strength in a Jedis bloodstream (Mediclourines) is the Active cells in the Brain linked by the pineal gland (as can be seen on an MRI Scan). Many Movies are based on the pineal gland as this has far more interest and creates more possibilities than any other topic known to man.