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Activator X

Dr Weston Price was a dentist with an avid interest in the role of Nutrition and physical health. It was the 1930’s when Dr Price decided to satiate his thirst for knowledge on nutrition outside of the standard American and western world diet he was familiar with — and including subsequent health outcomes.

Applying his efforts further afield, Dr, Price took it upon himself to travel East, away from the Western world, and study a conglomerate of indigenous diets. It was while conducting his research on the nutritional wisdom of these yet industrialised, primitive yet thriving cultures, that he noticed something spectacular. The health status of these indigenous populations was in the range of excellent. Price witnessed and recorded the radiant wellness and startling immunity of his study groups. There was something wildly different about the health of these populations versus Western populations. Hardly any disease of any type, either physical or mental, plagued these people — and this included the older generations, whom all enjoyed vigorous health and strong immune systems.

As Price was a dentist, his interest in the health of their teeth also piqued, as he noted perfect jaw and pallet formations and an almost unanimous incidence of cavity-free teeth.

The Key, was, as we mentioned, a non-exposure to a western diet heavy in simple sugars and processed foods.

However, it was not as straightforward as this. There was something else. These people did not own toothbrushes and certainly did not have access to toothpaste. Excellent diet aside, surely they would have plaque, cavities, gum problems and so forth? They did not. And there had to be a reason why.

What was their secret?

Fast forward —10 years of cross-cultural research later and Dr Price wrote his revered book, titled: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

In his classic book, he reveals what he believed to be the secret of the optimal health — Activator X.

Conducting groundbreaking research, Dr Weston Price had isolated a set of nutrients he identified as cardinal nutrients essential to prosperous health — with one main vitamin-like compound being the proponent of the other nutrients. Price referred to this then-unnamed fat-soluble vitamin/compound, as, Activator X, which he noted seemed to be responsible for normal bone-formation and growth and overall skeletal health, cognitive function, healthy cavity-free teeth, reproductive capabilities, and protection against arterial calcification.

We are all familiar with the term the “X-factor”. Activator X, was the preverbal X-factor of nutrients, a super nutrient that enabled other vitamins, acting as the magic compound that empowered a person’s internal system to demonstrate supreme health. As time passed, along with the passing of Dr. Weston Price in 1948, his work was largely ignored and fell out of print and into obscurity for almost 60 years, until modern lab researchers finally were able to pinpoint the existence of a fat-soluble vitamin that enables the proper use by the body of various other nutrients —the same fat-soluble vitamin that Dr Price has discovered 60 years earlier yet had never officially named, instead calling it “Activator X”.

Activator X has an official name now: Vitamin K2.

The physiological responses, that Dr Price noted as being directly due to ingestion of the Activator X compound — exactly match those of vitamin K2.

Finally resolved is the pathway to Activator X — the precursor to Activator X is Vitamin K1, found mainly in rapidly growing green grass, while Activator X itself is actually vitamin K2.

Pineal Gland

Vitamin K2 is an essential ingredient to include in your diet if your aim is to decalcify your the pineal gland. K2 deconstructs calcium phosphate deposits of the pineal gland and ushers the released calcium back into the bones, where it belongs.

There are major forms of Vitamin K2 — MK-4 and MK-7.

  • MK-4 is derived from animal sources, such as eggs, grass-fed dairy (butterfats) and meat and in particular, organ meat, such as the liver.
  • MK-7 is derived from the fermentation process of Bacillus Subtilis Natto. This is a type of fungus that forms in the fermentation process of salt-free soy food such as sticky natto, a traditional Japanese food. MK-7 can also be found in Sauerkraut, hard cheeses and Kefir.

When we ingest either form of Vitamin K2, MK-4 or MK-7 or a combination of both, technically we are still only consuming Vitamin K2. Dr Price found that vitamin K2 truly only morphed into Activator X when K2 was combined with vitamins A and D, which are also fat-soluble activators. During his research, Price established that Activator X was able to exhibit striking synergy between how vitamins A and D behaved within the body and with each other. Vitamins A and D made up the other two parts of a powerful triplet of fat-soluble vitamins which promoted the kind of robust health rarely seen in the western world, yet a type of health abundant in cultures whose diets were laden with foods containing vitamins A, D and K2, such as grass-fed meats, organs meats, grass-fed butter and fermented foods.

Activator X transports calcium back into the bones, away from the arterial walls of the heart and away from the pineal gland, or indeed away from any type of tissue that is harbouring fugitive calcium.

A decalcified pineal gland paves the way for Third Eye Activation.

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