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Boron occurs naturally as an Earth mineral and is mined from salt lakes. Boron and boric acid have been used to treat a multitude of human ailments such as arthritis, skin infections due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and, has proven successful in the treatment of yeast infections. Boron has also displayed effectiveness in the dissolving of damaging calcium phosphate deposits from endocrine glands and, to thoroughly flush fluoride and heavy metals from the body.

Pineal Gland

The main active ingredient in Boron is Boric Acid. Boron deficiency is linked to calcium loss, which increases calcium levels in the blood. This free-floating calcium travels to the pineal gland, among other endocrine glands and the kidneys (which over time can cause kidney stones and in severe cases can lead to kidney failure). Excess calcium in the blood leads to increased calcification of the pineal gland. Supplementing with Boron has been shown to reverse calcium loss, drawing out calcium from unwanted places such as the endocrine glands and depositing it back where it belongs — in the bones. The double-edged power of Boron is its ability to flush already dissolved fluoride out of the body, instead of this newly homeless fluoride hanging around in our body and potentially returning to the pineal gland.

Health Benefits

Exposure to naturally occurring Boron, which usually presents to us in the form of vegetables and nuts, unfortunately, does not occur in high enough quantities anymore due to soil depletion. Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of Boron.

Brain Function
Studies show that low levels of the trace mineral Boron, in the body, can lead to poor cognitive performance, difficulty concentrating, learning and retaining newly learned information. Supplementation of Boron has been shown to increase motor control, increase task performance and increase attention and short-term memory. Research conducted on healthy adults also showed that when Boron intake was increased, there was a significant increase among brain function especially in relation to psychomotor skills such as hand-eye coordination. An increase in Brainwave frequencies and electrical activity were also recorded, due to Boron intake and, enabled better cognitive performance on tests, including motor-skills, response times, dexterity, and an improvement in short and long-term memory.

Arthritis Reversal
Boron intake is a critical part of bone health. Born facilitates calcium into the bone and cartilage. This protects against joint deterioration and can prevent and reverse the severity of arthritis, leading to less arthritic pain. Studies conducted worldwide have found that in regions where Boron intake is very low (averaging around one milligram per day, or sometimes lower) a parallel of lower concentrations of Boron in the bone and in the fluid that surrounds and lubricates the joint, called synovial fluid, was revealed. This equaled a higher rate arthritis among low Boron populations compared with sufficient and high intake populations. Further research has noted that the bones of people with high boron levels, are much harder to cut when undergoing surgery.

Strengthen Bones
Boron intake strengthens bones and protects our joints, which may be especially important for people with long-standing sporting backgrounds who may be prone to some wear and tear. Boron can help to regulate oestrogen function, therefore postmenopausal women may also benefit, as the risk of osteoporosis increases when women enter this stage of their lives. The elderly can also benefit from Boron intake as well, as it will help to keep joints supple and bones stronger, leading to fewer bone breakages in the event of accidental falls. Boron prevents bone loss by directing calcium into the bones. Boron helps to prevent porous bones – where calcium has been leeched from the bone, causing visible holes which appear on a bone scan. It also helps to prevent weak and brittle bones. Additionally, Boron supports our bodies production of vitamin D which is paramount to correct absorption of calcium.

Regulates Hormones
Boron is a trace mineral that adds balance to the human hormonal profile, including equilibrating oestrogen and testosterone in both men and women. Boron has also been shown to ease symptoms of PMS in humans. Animal studies have been conducted whereby the connection between low boron levels and infertility and birth defects has been investigated. Results suggest that Boron can play a part in healthy foetus development.

Athletic Performance
Boron helps the absorption of other vitamins and minerals which are essential for muscle mass building, fat burning and muscle recovery. Boron also plays a role in the healthy production of promoting healthy testosterone production, which may lead to improved gains in muscle mass and strength, although further studies need to be carried out to confirm this. Born has also been proven to increase hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, concentration, and perception. Athletes taking part in sports that require a high level of psychomotor skills may benefit from Boron intake.

Prevents Infections
The active ingredient in Boron, boric acid, is a natural astringent and anti-fungal cure-all, which can be very effective in the treatment of skin infections, along with remedying athlete’s foot and yeast infections. Boric acid is also a strong anti-inflammatory and can assist in reducing redness, inflammation, pain, itchiness, and swelling.

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