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The legendary benefits of Ginseng are documented beyond refute. Viewed more valuable than Gold by multiple Chinese Emperors, and a bonafide wonder of the nutritional world, Ginseng is a superior herb with astronomical health benefits. It is not uncommon for high prices to be paid for ginseng today around the world — a half-acre ginseng garden worth in the region of $100,000.

A superior herb within incredible health benefits for the body, Ginseng also contains an elixir of compounds that promote mental wellbeing. Ginsengs most prized effects are those of an energetic and spiritual nature.

Pineal Gland

There are only a handful of herbs revered for their ability to activate Chi or Qi energy in the human body — and Ginseng holds pole position. Chi/Qi translates as Life Force. Our life force can easily become depleted due to electromagnetic fields of energy which disrupt our natural field of energy, pollution, toxins, chemicals, processed foods, too much meat, intoxicants, excessive sexual energy, among many other energy disruptors. When we consume good quality Ginseng, we enable an enhancement of our life force, a boost to our system. With a little more Chi running through our veins and aura, our physical and mental-emotional well-being moves into balance, restoring any disharmony. Ginsengs restorative and activating powers work to create a synergistic relationship between body, mind and spirit. A highly important factor to consider when working to activate our pineal gland is our mental-emotional and energetic stability. We may become overwhelmed with a flood of clearer perception and heightened senses. Ginseng has been used to calm anxiety and maintain energetic equilibrium, a perfect accompaniment to the Third Eye Awakening process.

About Ginseng

Latin Binomial – Panax
Greek meaning of Panax – All Healing
American ginseng – Panax quinquefolius
South China – Panax notoginseng
Korean ginseng – Panax ginseng
Nickname – Wonder of the World
Direct translation of Gingseng – Chinese derivative jîn-sim – jîn > person, sim > plant root. Referring to Ginsengs “person shaped” root.

Uncovered approximately 5,000 years ago in the mountainous of Manchurian China, Ginseng was probably first used as a food, however quickly garnered the attention of the traditional medicine community, for it’s restorative and healing powers. Species of Ginseng can also be found in the United States, Canada, Korea, Vietnam and the far east of Russia.

Ginseng is an adaptogen, or adaptogenic herb, meaning it has restorative and rejuvenating qualities and increases our immunity along with improving the function of bodily systems. China was the first country in the world to mention Ginseng in written text, described in the book Shen-Nung Pharmacopoeia, 196 AD.

Li Shizhen, a herbalist of 1596, described the use of ginseng as a “superior tonic” for patients displaying chronic illness and for patients who were experiencing convulsions, as Ginseng has confirmed muscle relaxant properties.

Wild Ginseng is picked by Ginseng gatherers called Simmani. Scouring mountain ranges Simmani scout and harvest wild growing Ginseng. High demand and a decreasing supply have seen a dramatic increase in the price of ginseng. With control over ginseng fields in China becoming a government issue in the 16th century, Ginseng has never faded from the spotlight. Of almost mythical status now, it is illegal to harvest from national parks and Wild Ginseng is becoming more rarer by the year.

Health Benefits

Boosting energy, promoting enhanced sexual vigour among men, and enabling mind body spirit harmony, let us delve deeper into some of the health benefits associated with Panax Ginseng.

Gift of Ginsenosides
Ginsenosides, are the major active compounds of ginseng, which appear to be responsible for ginsengs generous healing powers. Over 40 different types of Ginsenosides have been identified in Ginseng, of which enable our body to respond in several important and health-promoting ways. Some of these bodily responses, connected to the ingestion of Ginsenosides include vasodilatation, effective anti-oxidation thus reducing oxidative stress, the release of anti-inflammatory agents helping to reduce disease incidence and supporting cell function involved in protection from cancer.

Age Defier
Korean Red Ginseng which to be of the highest quality must have a “grown for 6 years” certificate, contains multiple anti-ageing and antioxidant compounds. Acting as a vasodilator, Ginseng helps to increase blood flow, and therefore nutrient and oxygen supply, to the organs, bearing in mind our skin is our biggest organ. Working its magic throughout our capillaries, keeping them strong and elastic, and preventing them from shrinking as we age, Ginseng can help stave off premature ageing. Increased blood flow, along with a healthy dose of powerful antioxidants and Ginsenosides, allows us the chance to age more gracefully, along with a reduced chance of cognitive decline too. Blood flow carries nutrients to the brain and body as a whole, helping to keep our internal systems functioning optionally and reducing tissue damage due to a low oxygen supply. This is one of the reasons exercise is so good for us. It gets our blood flowing!

Viral Protection
Ginsengs adaptogenic qualities are capable of triggering immune fighter cells to deploy and ward off viral infections, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a pathogen that can cause acute infections at surgical sites/wounds, and urinary tract infections. The adaptogenic effects of Panax ginseng have also shown immune boosting capabilities with the potential to protect us against colds and flu.

Reduces Cholesterol and Blood Sugar
The Korean form of Panax ginseng has demonstrated an ability to reduce fasting blood glucose, compared to the control group, in a clinical study. More clinical studies are needed, however, Ginseng is showing some positive results. Panax ginseng has also been shown to be effective at reducing LDL or “bad” cholesterol. More clinical research is needed, but Ginseng may be useful as an alternative or complementary treatment for treating type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

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